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Residential Projects

Art glass can be an attractive addition to any home.  Applications include:

    * Kitchen cabinet inserts

        * Stairwell and bathroom windows

            * Areas in and around entries

                * Unusually shaped windows


Glass may be designed to allow plenty of light flow into a room or use color and density to control fenestration.  Artistic statements in traditional and contemporary design are created to work with any architectural or interior design style.  You work with the designer to create the designs in colors that appeal to you.  If you are not artistic, our talented staff of designers might create a unique work appropriate to your decor.

Panels may be created from the semi transparent cathedral and antique glasses or the more obscuring opalescent glasses reminiscent of the Tiffany style windows.  A wide variety of color and texture are available allowing our artists the greatest freedom for creating beautiful works to grace your home.

Concepts are first rendered in ink and watercolor.  The client is presented this rendering with glass samples.  Changes take place in this form until the design reflects the desired concept.  This becomes the plan for use in creating the full sized rendering that would be used to create the panels in glass.

Kitchen cabinets are among the most popular places for using stained glass.  Here they may reflect favorite design motifs or be used to add a splash of color to the kitchen.

Colorful or clear, simple or elaborate, art glass can be an attractive addition to any entryway.  Modern or traditional, whimsical or elegant; it all depends on the style of the architecture and the tastes of the homeowner.

If you can imagine it, we can create it!