Hiemer  & Company Stained Glass Studio

Company Resume

A Family tradition for 4 generations . . .

Georg Hiemer
Apprenticed in Munich to 1890
Stained Glass Designer, Munich Germany
Projects throughout Europe and US
Relocated to Columbus, Ohio 1929

Edward Hiemer
Apprenticed by his father 1916 - 1920
Art studies in Munich, Paris and Dresden
Designer for Von Gerichten, Ohio 1925- 30
Founded Hiemer & Company 1931, Ohio
Moved studio to  Paterson , NJ 1933
Built Clifton, NJ studio 1949
Named an SGAA Fellow, 1965

Gerhard Hiemer
Apprenticed by his father  1947-1951
US Army service 1951 - 1954
Worldwide stained glass study tours
President of Hiemer & Company 1968
Elected SGAA President for 2 terms 1984-86
Served the NJ State Apprenticeship Cm.
Named an SGAA Fellow, 1989

Judith Hiemer Van Wie
Apprenticed by her father  1985 - 1992
BS Business Administration 1985
Art Studies; Parsons School of Design, NYC
Study tours to Europe
Full time member of Hiemer & Co. 1985
Elected to SGAA Board 1988 -  1992
President of Hiemer & Company 1997

Hiemer & Company
Stained Glass for over 1,095 Churches
Restoration and conservation for over 9,000 Churches in the US
Recipient of Award of Excellence for art and craftsmanship
Registered with the State and Federal Government as a center for Apprenticeship training
Permanent staff of artists and craftsmen
Continuous family owned operation since 1931, a family occupation since 1890

An exciting moment for the members of this studio was the blessing of our glass by Pope John Paul II at New York's Saint Joseph Seminary during his 1995 visit to the United States.

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Judith Hiemer Van Wie, with microphone, recently served on a panel of internationally located studios at the American Glass Guild conference in Albany, New York.  Panelists presented views and responded to questions regarding various aspects of the craft from inspiration in design to proper restoration techniques.  This interaction between American craftsmen and women with others from Australia, Scotland, Holland, and France resulted in a wonderful exchange of ideas and techniques that will help all firms involved better serve their customers and their art. July 2006

Hiemer &Company was invited to submit a presentation board showing recent projects to the Stained Glass Association of America for display at their Boston, MA, conference.   Judith and James Van Wie are shown here with the mounted photographs of the stained glass created for St. Agnes Church in Clark, NJ.  Behind them are sketches and photographs found in the Clifton studio of past works designed be members of the firm. (left) June 2005

Members of Hiemer & Company celebrated the firm's 75th Anniversary in casual fashion.  Founded in 1931 by Edward Hiemer, the firm is family-owned to this day.  Above, center, are current members of the studio.  Above, right, Studio Forman, Michael Lomazzo, offers a toast for continued success.  Behind him is current manager and vice-president, James Van Wie.  Below left is Edward's son, Gerhard, and his wife, Josephine (far right). Sitting in the center are Walt and Millie Irwin.  Mr. Irwin was Foreman at Hiemer & Company for many years and his father was color selector under Edward's management.  Though retired, both Walt and Gerhard still share their knowledge and expertise with current members of the studio. Summer 2006